Our purpose

Our collective vision is to provide a safe space for children and young people to learn and grow, and for adults to connect and access support.

The Place is a venue, right in the heart of the Chapelfields estate, that provides support, fun and respite for the residents of Westfield. Our main focus is improving the lives of children who live in the local area. We will achieve this by working directly with young people, in partnership with the adults who live alongside them, investing in an area that has been underserved.

With a firm belief in the power of education to transform lives, The Place will empower young people and adults to realise their potential and aspirations.

The Place is about opening opportunities for all, helping children reach their full potential by improving mental wellbeing and mental health, growing confidence and happiness and supporting a community to access support, advice and services.

Our project aims are:

Hear from the young people of Westfield

The students at Westfield Primary Community school and York High School came together to share what a centre like The Place would mean to them.

"Our students are as intelligent, creative and hardworking as any in the city, they just don't believe they are."

Rod Sims, Headteacher, York High School

"Children really do come first. Happy children learn well."

Lamara Taylor, Headteacher, Westfield Primary Community School